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Be treated like you should be.
Always respectful, courteous, and on time.
You should never feel bad when trying to get help. We help you understand what the problem is without speaking geek so you are better informed.
We have decades of experience doing IT in all kinds of environments.

We are fast, friendly, and fair.


There are three types of support.Remote Assistance, Onsite, & Pickup/drop-off

Remote Assistance support:
Remote assistance utilizes the best technology where a staff member can remote in to your computer and correct problems. We use RustDesk.com for remote support.

Onsite support:
Onsite assistance is more personal, a technician will come to your home or business and fix the problem there.

With pickup or drop-off we will fix your product at our site then return it.



Virus & Malware Removal
We can clean it fast and correctly to get you back up and running in minimal time.

Network Monitoring & Repair
WAN/LAN Cisco/Linksys, 3COM, managed switches, and routers.

Desktops & Servers
From Diskless Enterprise Blades with boot from iSCSI and NAS to single desktop servers. All flavors of Windows, Linux, and Mac's.

Website Management
Add a page, modify an image, do a blog - we can help your business' Internet presence.
From start to finish, we will design, develope, deploy and host your website. We leverage DNS proxy solutins that have counter measures for DDOS, and web attacks. For hosting we use Google Clouse Storage and all websites are issued a free SSL/TLS website encryption. Annual hosting is $400 and includes free edits and updates within reason.

Analog, VOIP, Cell.

Security Cameras with remote access.
Run the wire, install the cameras, and setup the motion record.

New Construction or Remodel
Phone, network, and cable TV done right.

Maintenance Contracts
Do you want an IT Department without having a Department? Contract services are available at discounted rates.


No Job Is Too Small.
Free Estimates!

Some Services are a Flat Fee or Quote based but these prices are a general guideline.

Hourly rate of $150.

Website creating, hosting, and DNS management:
* Design and host a new website.
* Configure DNS and zone files for the website.
* Maintenance and updates.
* $400 annual flat fee.

Phone Screen Replacement Parts & Time:
iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 inch (Model A2161, A2220, A2218) total cost $200
Google Pixel 6 6.4" (Model GB7N6 G9S9B) total cost $300

Spyware & Virus Removal: (Up to 4 hours of labor):
Guaranteed clean! $200

Maintenance Contracts:
24X7 On call service included with all monthly maintenance contracts. Because your problems don't just happen between 8AM-5PM.
* 3 hours per month for $405 (savings of 10%) additional hours billed at $135/hour
* 5 hours per month for $600 (savings of 20%) additional hours billed at $125/hour
* 10 hours per month for $1125 (savings of 25%) additional hours billed at $100/hour
* Start off with a 3 month term and then go month to month. Payment on the 1st is for that month with additional hours billed on the following month.

New Computer Setup For Success: $250 (Up to 3 hours of labor):
* Import/Move Old Email, Documents, Pictures, and Music
* Operating System Updates
* Anti-Virus/Firewall Setup
* Backups (First Full System Restore Set & Schedule)
* Schedule System Tasks
* Install Support Software

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Based in Fruita CO, servicing Grand Junction, Eastern Utah, and the Western Slope area.
[email protected]

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